The Falls of Iguaçu


The Falls of Iguaçu
1 x 50 min
© 2006

Director/Producer/DP: Christian Baumeister
Editor: Stefan Canham
Music: Oliver Heuss
Format: HD 1080
LIGHT & SHADOW for NDR Naturfilm, BBC NHU, ORF, Parthenon Entertainment Ltd. / National Geographic Channel International


The thundering falls of Iguaçu are by far the largest and most stunning waterfalls in the world. Nowhere else does waterpower unfold such splendor.

Teeming with wildlife, Iguaçu's 800 square miles of Atlantic rainforest are one of the richest habitats on earth. While adorable coatis raise large families in their forest dens, great dusky swifts take daredevil flights, soaring past tons of falling water. Toucans and swarms of colorful butterflies shimmer. The last of endangered jaguars, the mightiest cats in the Americas, roam through the shadows. In the silvery moonlit nights of Iguaçu, venomous rattlesnakes slither, razor-clawed fishing bats swoop down unexpectedly and deadly tarantulas creep out of hiding.

Since ancient times, Iguaçu was home to the native Guarani people, whose myths of creation and lost love are based on the falls, their broad rainbows and bottomless abyss. The end of the Guarani came after European explorers planted their flags; the waters of Iguaçu ran red with man's greed and violence. Man's strife may come and go, but Iguaçu lives on, now a National Park shared by Brazil and Argentina.

Each year, two million tourists marvel at the mammoth falls, glimpse the rare and exotic wildlife and taste the adrenaline of extreme sports amidst the raging waters. Caring for this unique reserve in the South American backwoods is an adventure in itself: illegal hunting threatens to wipe out many of Iguaçu's wild species, and forest rangers risk their lives regularly to arrest heavily-armed poachers.

The Falls of Iguacu is a breathtaking voyage, revealing the deep power and timelessness of Nature, man's eternal muse.


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The Falls of Iguacu

The Falls of Iguacu

The Falls of Iguacu

The Falls of Iguacu

The Falls of Iguacu