Jaguar - One Strike to the Kill
1 x 50 min
© 2011
Director / Producer: Christian Baumeister
DP: Christian Baumeister, Luis de Maia, Alexander Sommer
Editor: Stefan Reiss
Music: Kolja Erdmann
Format: HD 1080
LIGHT & SHADOW for NDR Naturfilm, Arte, National Geographic Channel



Built to kill, the jaguar is the third largest feline in the world. It is one of South America’s most beautiful and iconic animals, but it is rarely seen, let alone filmed. This program will be the very first in-depth portrayal of wild jaguars - an unprecedented look at their hunting, mating and family life. In a small corner of the Pantanal, the world’s biggest floodplain in south-western Brazil, these elusive big cats have been freed from persecution. It is now possible to see them day after day and record their secret world, mostly behaviour never before captured on film. Jaguars prey on caimans, win mates, raise their young and navigate the exotic world of the Pantanal, all seen with cutting edge visuals including super slow motion and night vision. The stunning HD images will capture the grace and majesty of this relatively unknown big cat amidst the exquisite, reflective landscape of the flooded grasslands.

While revealing intimate and ground-breaking details of the jaguar’s daily life, we will also trace the centuries-old deadly conflict between them and the Pantaneiros – Brazil’s swashbuckling cattle ranchers - and reveal new research, which suggests how people and jaguars might both flourish in the Pantanal - the jaguar’s last stronghold.