Theme Night "Mythos Amazonas" (Amazon) on Monday, 20.07., 3

July 2015

On Monday, July 20th, from 20:15 h onwards, 3 SAT will show our complete Amazon series, i.e. all three parts consecutively.

The three-part series, which was completed in 2010, is still up-to-date, since it not only celebrates the extraordinary wildlife of Amazonia, but also reveals new thinking about how this vast forest took shape, and considers how its future might be secured. With awe-inspiring photography and animal behaviour never seen before, the films track our emotional response to the rainforest world over time: from fear to understanding – from understanding to respect – and from respect to hope. Above all, the series offers reasons why it isn’t too late to save the biggest rainforest on earth.

The films garnered international acclaim by receiving multiple awards on various international film festivals. One of the most significant awards was certainly the special jury award on the International Forest Film Festival (USA) 2011, being initiated by the Jackson Hole Festival and the United Nations. This festival was launched to celebrate the International Year of Forests, and at its opening ceremony Christian Baumeister proudly presented the films at the UN headquarters in New York in front of decision-makers from around the globe.

Mythos Amazonas - Part 1: Das Geheimnis der Vielfalt
Mo, 20.07.2015, 20:15 h, 3 SAT

This is the story of how we have struggled to make sense of the enormity and complexity of the Amazon rainforest. Using key animals such as jaguar, leaf-cutting ant, giant otter, and the fresh-water stingray, we will show how we have turned past fears of the hostile and impenetrable jungle into an understanding of its unrivaled biodiversity. We discover that the forest is not just the result of millions of years of evolution. Its richness stems from struggle, upheaval and a remarkable event - the up-lift of the Andes - which changed the course of the Amazon river itself.

Mythos Amazonas - Part 2: Das Zusammenspiel der Arten
Mo, 20.07.2015, 21:00 h, 3 SAT

The Amazon has long been hailed as a biological treasure trove, but today we are finding out that this is only part of its remarkable story. We meet tarantulas and frogs, ants and trees, which should be mortal enemies, but which are in fact friends. As we learn more about how the forest functions, we are gaining greater respect for its intricate web of life and the people who live, dove-tailed, within it. Hidden among its tangle of vegetation and waterways are clues that - far from being locked in the stone-age - Amazonian tribes may be the descendants of sophisticated cultures that were once many millions strong.

Mythos Amazonas -  Part 3: Alarm im Regenwald
Mo, 20.07.2015, 21:40 h, 3 SAT

It is hard not to feel despair at the overwhelming images of rainforest destruction. But while documenting the region's remarkable wildlife for the making of Mythos Amazonas, film-maker Christian Baumeister has also witnessed a changing mood: a growing belief that it is more valuable as a living forest, than being stripped for its wood and minerals. Scientists hang from the high canopy to monitor harpy eagle and macaw nests; and track jaguars along flooded rivers. Tropical plants are analyzed as potential medicines; while Brazil nuts and pirarucu fish are harvested sustainably to provide a more long-term livelihood. Christian discovers that an increasing respect for the Amazon's natural wonders can translate into hope for the future.