WDR-Premiere "Raccoons - Immigrants from Wild West"

May 2013

WDR-Premiere of our film: “Raccoons - Immigrants from Wild West" (Abenteuer Erde, 21.05., 20:15h, WDR)

On Tuesday, 21.05.13, at 20:15h, our film "Raccoons - Immigrants from Wild West" was broadcast on Germany's WDR Channel. With an audience rate of 9,7% the film was seen by 1,21 Million viewers nationwide! We are happy about such a great interest!

Also, the raccoons entered successfully into the festival season, as they were selected by two German film festivals, Greenscreen and NaturVision.

Once raccoons were brought to Germany, because they were needed. Today many people wish them gone. Plenty of horror stories circulate. The film „Raccoons – Immigrants From The Wild West“ explains what can be believed. The docu-fiction lets the history of raccoons in Germany come to life in re-enactments and shows how they live in forests and cities and portrays the work of scientists studying them. Without giving too much away it can be said that it is almost impossible to exterminate the raccoons. Germany will just have to live with them. The raccoons have come to stay.