ARD-Premiere of our Film: "The Phantom Cat"


November 2012

ARD-Premiere of our Film: "The Phantom Cat" (Erlebnis Erde, 12.11., 20:15h, ARD)

Jaguars are a rarity today. But the South American Pantanal provides a safe place for them to hunt, to reproduce, and to raise their offspring. Yet it is not easy to find the shy and elusive animals. It took 10 years of careful preparations until Christian Baumeister finally managed to bind the dignity of the smooth hunters on screen, like nobody did before.

In his film "The Phantom Cat" he shows awe-inspiring and intensive moments out of the lives of the mighty cats.

For those who do not want to miss the entralling documentary and moments like a caiman hunt:

Broadcast on Monday, November 12th, 20:15h, ARD