Amazon Alive - Broadcast of the Amazon trilogy

May 2011

Amazon Alive - Broadcast of the Amazon trilogy

The three-part documentary “Amazon Alive” by Christian Baumeister will be broadcasted on German TV in the period from end of May to beginning of June. Along three episodes the enormous Amazon forest, amazing animal-plant-interactions and the current forest status are documented. Fascinating aerial and animal shoots sweep the audience into the world of Amazonia.

The first episode “Jungle of the Mind” shown on 30th of May at 8.15 pm on ARD, takes the audience into the depth of the Amazon rainforest and describes its enormous biodiversity. Extensive documented animal and plant species inside tidals’ interplay give stunning impressions of extraordinary living spaces.

“Hidden Secrets”, the second episode, will be broadcasted on 6th of June at 8.15 pm on ARD. In a clearly way it describes strategies that man, animal and plants developed to survive in the course of evolution. The documented interconnections represent the sensitivity of this valuable paradise.

Finally, on 8th June at 8.15 pm the NDR broadcasts “Forest of the Future” - the third part of the trilogy. The episode documents the destruction of the unique Amazon habitat. It reveals Amazon creatures’ strongest challenge in their life: Man’s exploitation of any forest resources. The last part documents the difficult battle of organisations against the exploitation of the Amazon-Rainforest.