Christian Baumeister presents "Amazon Alive" at Green Week

May 2011

Christian Baumeister presents “Amazon Alive” at Green Week Conference 2011

On 26th May 2011 at 18:30, wildlife filmmaker Christian Baumeister will introduce his film “Forest of the Future” at the Green Week Conference 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.
The third part of the “Amazon Alive” series documents the current destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. In an impressive way the film describes the wildlife’s fate and gives statements about future conservation aspects.
The 11th Green Week takes place from 24th to 27th May 2011 in Brussels. This annual conference on European environment policy is the biggest of its kind. The organizers’ aim is to provide a forum for all individuals related to environmental issues, beginning from governmental up to media experts. Thus around 3,400 people visited the last conference in 2010 to exchange their experiences and debate recent concerns. Consequently the conference exhibits significance for prospect decision-makings regarding our future environment.
It is particular pleasing that the presentation of “Forest of the Future” complements the subject of the conference – “Resource Efficiency - Using less, living better“. Especially such a concrete illustration permits a common sense of discussion for experts and non-experts from different disciplines.
Christian Baumeister and his team are happy to see that their film is becoming a tool for nature conservation.