First Showing of "Schlaue Meerschweinchen" on September 24th
September 2010

First Showing of "Schlaue Meerschweinchen" on September 24th

On September 24th the LIGHT & SHADOW production "Schlaue Meerschweinchen" (engl. Title The Real Guinea-Pig) directed by Herbert Ostwald will be broadcasted for the first time in German television (Arte, 16:55h). The guinea pig has conquered children’s playrooms like no other pet. They are regarded as sociable, robust, cute and a little simple-minded. But German researchers are beginning to uncover more and more character-traits that have – until now – only ever been attributed to human beings. The extraordinary trail of the guinea pig leads from its wild ancestors in the South American Andes right into the laboratories of cutting-edge behavioural biologists. Watch the film and get an idea of the real guinea-pig!