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Sunday, 16 June 2013 00:00

May 2013 - WDR-Premiere of our film: "Raccoons - Immigrants from Wild West" (Abenteuer Erde, 21.05., 20:15h, WDR) On Tuesday, 21.05.13, at 20:15h, our film Raccoons - Immigrants from Wild West was broadcast on Germany's WDR Channel. With an audience rate of 9,7% the film was seen by 1,21 Million viewers nationwide! ...

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Thursday, 07 February 2013 00:00

February 2013 - National Geographic Premiere "Jaguar - Hunter in Pantanal" - The jaguar is one of the most mysterious species in the world, because to this days most of the enigmas about this popular cat in central and south America haven't been solved yet.

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Friday, 09 November 2012 14:54

November 2012 - ARD-Premiere of our Film: "The Phantom Cat" (Erlebnis Erde, 12.11., 20:15h, ARD) Jaguars are a rarity today. But the South American Pantanal provides a safe place for them to hunt, to reproduce, and to raise their offspring. ...

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April 2012 First Showing of "Europe's Last Wild Horses" - Hidden in the heart of densely populated central Europe is a little known secret. Christian Baumeister' s latest film was broadcast on April 2nd, 2012 on ARD channel. ...

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